-          A brief history
-          Finding a domain
-          Registering a domain
-          WordPress feature through your host
-          How to install script
Content Management using WordPress
-          Archiving content
-          Naming a category
-          Creating a new category
-          Dressing up links
-          Checking Links with Your Server
Selecting the Right Tools
-          Picking a text editor
-          Cross-browser compatibility
-          Setting up for FTP
-          Transferring files
-          File Permissions
Image Formats, Fonts and Colors
-          Image types and formats
-          Comparing image formats
-          Raster based software
-          Vector based software
-          Image optimization
-          Color schemes
-          Creating colors using codes
-          Fonts for graphic design
Designing Your WordPress Site
-          Choosing a site with
-          Responsive Layouts
-          Content display options
The WordPress Default Layout, Themes and Templates
-          Customizing the header image
-          Custom navigation
-          Adding widgets to a sidebar or footer
-          Using PHP
-          Managing your database
-          Template files
-          Template tags, values, and parameters
More on Widgets and Template Tags
-          Common template tags
-          Calendar
-          List pages
-          Content Types
-          Adding widget areas to template files
-          Names templates
Parent and Child, Themes, Creating a Custom Site
-          Creating a child theme
-          Customizing the parent theme style
-          Overriding parent template files
-          Modifying theme functions file
-          CSS Selectors
-          Classes and Ids
-          Changing background mage or colors
-          Positioning your header image using CSS
-          Setting font, Color, and size
-          Inserting links
Using WordPress as a Content Management System
-          Creating the front page
-          Creating a static page
-          Using a static page as your front page
-          Making a blog look like a website
-          Creating blank blog pages
-          Creating custom page templates
-          Using different sidebar and footer templates
-          Custom styles for sticky, category, and tag
-          Posts
Using WordPress Plugins
-          Installing plugins using the dashboard
-          Finding plugins
-          Installing and activating plugins
-          Installing plugins manually
-          Ecommerce plugins
-          Photo galleries and portfolios