Android Architecture

        •          What is Android?

        •          Introduction to OS layers and linux kernel

        •          Introduction to android compiler and dalvik VM

        •          Introduction to android apk

    Android Components

        •          Activities

        •          Services

        •          Broadcast Receivers

        •          Content Providers

    Getting Started With Android

        •          Understanding different folders in an android project

        •          Developing a Hello World app in android

    Building Application With Activities

        •          Views, layouts and Common UI components

        •          Creating UI through XML

        •          What is Android Activities?

        •          What is View?

        •          What is Layout?

        •          Different types of Layout in Android & their use

        •          Different Widget available in Android for User Interface

        •          Understanding different layout params in Android(margin.padding.width, height etc)

        •          Creating an Activity

        •          Declaring the activity in the manifest of your app

        •          Event Handling in Android App

        •          Starting an Activity

        •          Shutting Down an Activity

        •          What is Intent?

        •          What are different types of Intent?

        •          Understanding how intents are resolved in android

        •          Communicating data among Activities

        •          Understanding Android Activity LifeCycle

        •          Implementing the lifecycle callbacks in app

        •          Managing the Activity Lifecycle

    Creating menus

        •          Adding menus and icons

    Containers in Android

        •          What is list view in Android?

        •          What is adapter ?

        •          Simple List View With Simple Adapter

        •          Custom List View with own adapter
    Working with resources

        •          Grouping, accessing of resources

        •          Localization

        •          Compatibility

    Advanced Intent & Intent Filters of Android Programming

        •          What is Explicit Intent

        •          What is Implicit Intent

        •          How to share text in another application

        •          How to receive text from another application

    **First Android App Test 1

        **This Andriod test will be conducted covering the above mentioned topics.
        **This App Test will contain multiple choice questions.

    Data Storage

        •          Shared Preferences

        •          Android File System

        •          Internal storage

        •          External storage

        •          SQLite

    **Second Android App Test 2

        **A test will be conducted which will cover above mentioned topics after Test 1.
        **Test will contain multiple choice questions.

    SQLite database

        •          Introducing sqlite

        •          Sqlite open helper and creating a database

        •          Opening and closing a database

        •          Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes

        •          Searching in Database

        •          Updating Database

    MultiThreading In Android

        •          Using Java Thread classes

        •          AsyncTask

        •          Handler

    Network In Android

        •          Consuming web services

        •          Receiving HTTP Response (Text,JSON)

        •          Parsing JSON

        •          Download File (image,text,video,....) and saving to SdCard

        •          Create local php server with mySql database and working with it by GET and POST


        •          Overview of services in Android

        •          Implementing a Service

        •          Service lifecycle

        •          Sticky and Not Sticky Service

        •          Service in another process

    Broadcast Receivers

        •          Role of filters

        •          Intent-matching rules

        •          Filters in your manifest

        •          Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers

        •          Creating Broadcast receiver

        •          Receiving System Broadcast

        •          Understanding Broadcast action

        •          Registering Broadcast receiver through code and through manifest

        •          Sending Broadcast

    Accessing android hardware

        •          Introducing Sensor

        •          Using the accelerometer

        •          Using the compass

        •          Using Location service ( GPS ) in Android
    Android Application Deployment

        •          Android Application Deployment on Android Market With Digital Signing

        •          Obfuscating project by proguard

#Secondary Concepts#

    Graphics In Android

        •          Drawing graphics in android by using canvas

        •          Drawing with xml

    Notifying the users

        •          Toast

        •          Creating dialogs

        •          Creating custom dialogs

        •          Status bar Notifications